29 January 2018

Accept Failure of Government as YOUR new reality?

So people should be aware that the speaker of the house (Bronwyn Bishop) in 2015 stated that
"the first job of a government is to look after the safety of its people."

Now the term people may refer to the people of the government, or the slave population for the people in government, something that is left (deliberately) ambiguous.

In any event let's refer to the people as the masses.

The people in government have imported in record numbers savages from other countries into the state of Victoria, into Melbourne to be more specific, where the effects being that a high crime rate has hit the good people of Melbourne.

The people in government are not feeling the effects of their actions.

They are not feeling the effects of their homes being broken into, or their wives being bashed, or their children's automobiles being car-jacked.

They are literally immune from the effects they've imposed on society.

They have FAILED to keep the 'people' safe.

IT seems that the 'administration' has gone back to their policies of 1788, where they import criminal scum to f_ck over the good inhabitants of this land.

Do you accept being terrorised by criminals the people in government imported into this country?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

No I do not accept the type of criminal the government is bringing in to Australia. Our country is being destroyed. These criminals are not just destroying our personal belongings, but our safety, our happiness, our quality of life and our spontaneous souls.