Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Shutting the door down to anonymous travel?

When it comes to anonymity, you can say cash is king.

This does not fare well with the administration of the colony called Australia.

While one can argue that the ever growing presence of cameras can take your mugshot, there is no linkablity to your 'person's' name.

Currently you can purchase a myki card for cash, not register it and be able to use it for traveling on Melbourne's corporatised train network.

The administration wants to stamp out cash where as a result all the slaves moves are logged and stored forever.

The excuses vary from illegal criminal activity to ease of use for the consumer.

The people in government recently stated that the price of cigarettes was increased in order to deter  people from smoking, something that has factually not occurred.

The people in government do not give a stuff about how easy anything is for the 'consumer', but rather what is of benefit to the people pulling the strings and their corporate brethren.

There will be plenty of people from the slave pool that will be ambassadors for cashless transactions. 

The people in government lie (i.e. deliberately provide false information) to the tax slave population in order to further their own / corporate agendas at the expense of the general population.

We recommend the use of cash in as many transactions as possible, and do not recommend keeping any significant amount of cash in the bank.

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