Wednesday, January 31, 2018

WARNING: Another Bill of Rights for Australia?

The good people of Australia should be aware that the people in government have been 'misbehaving' well before 1865, where as a result in that year the Imperial government installed the Colonial Laws Validity Act.

People should also be aware that the laws of England are valid on this land, which also includes the Bill of Rights 1689, Habeas Corpus Act 1679, Free Access to Courts Act 1400.

The people in government have been enacting laws without the lawful authority to do so for quite some time (the abolition of Queensland's upper house in 1922).

Something that the mainstream media has not reported on is that;
Currently what is sitting on the table of the "Parliament of Australia" is pieces of paper under the label "Australian Bill of Rights Bill 2017".

Very, very briefly;

- People should also be aware that for any laws to be lawful (among other "checks and balances") they must be passed by the parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, where the proposed laws are to be checked against the 'Constitution' (or rather the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK)).

  • Is this new law a lawfully enacted law?

  • Are the Australian people being segregated by this proposed Bill?

  • Are the Australian people losing more of their rights with the newly proposed law?

See the Australian Bill of Rights Bill at:


As of this writing the State Law Publisher of Western Australia has removed the link to the (UK) Bill of Rights.

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