Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Facebook the better data collection advertising company

Apparently Australia's (toothless) consumer watchdog the ACCC, announced that it is making an inquiry into digital platforms, on the 4th of December 2017.

- Too little too late?
- Better than nothing?

You be the judge.

Many people may not comprehend that today Facebook is a data collection company for advertising purposes where it is falsely presented as a social media forum.

Under Australian law, they should face hefty fines, but to date this has not happened, as the authorities are very slow at picking things to protect the 'consumers'.

The Australian authorities are very quick to act in order to promote more business, e.g. homosexuals being able to marry, installation of more 'safety' cameras, et al.

Facebook uses your data to make profits from it, where this is not disclosed in any 'agreement' with you.

ANY change to fb is for their financial gain with the extraction of more 'data' from you, in this case facial recognition.

Another DODGY corporation dealing in data, just like;
ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics), Apple, Google, Micro$oft, etc.

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