Friday, June 8, 2018

Law makers escape prison for fraud

The Australian people are governed by 'white collar' criminals who have set up the legal system to their favour to the detriment of Australia's general population, something what you'd call against 'community standards'.

Would you really want an MP who is defrauding tax payers still in office making laws to his//her or corporate brethren's favour?

The law makers of the Lower House (or Legislative Assembly) are committing fraud, where they apparently cannot be touched, because the Upper House (or Legislative Council) has referred the matter to the Ombudsman, i.e. a 'technicality' or a loop hole.

No such 'luck' for the governed, where if you've committed a criminal activity, you're going down (errors, omissions and  favoured criminals excluded).

There is plenty more criminal activity within the offices of government, but this is what the general population is allowed to know with regards to this matter:

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