Thursday, June 7, 2018

Government fail on electricity rip-off and oversupply

It may seem that whatever the (Victorian) government touches is a deliberate 'failure of government' at the expense of  the tax slave population, but rather a carefully orchestrated conspiracy to plunder the masses further into financial ruin.

As the people in government orchestrate an influx of migrants at an approximate level of ten times the natural growth rate, they take away power (or electricity) from the people in the form of shutting down Hazelwood power station in the Latrobe Valley east of Melbourne.

As a result of this action electricity bills have tripled since the closure.

At the same time the government has been giving the masses incentive to purchase solar panel setups, where the people are then producing electricity which they 'sell' to the corporations at wholesale prices then purchase it back from them at the grossly overinflated price.

To make it worse (for the 'mums and dads') there is an oversupply of electricity and the people are still getting screwed over by the people in government.

The supply of electricity from domestic solar panel installations is a huge scam that has been going on for years, where the people (general population) are the victims, but the authorities have chosen to ignore this.

Another fraud supported by the Australian Government.

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