Monday, July 30, 2018

Australians already lost their 'presumption of innocence'.

It is astounding how politicians lie or rather give false or inaccurate information to the general population, even after they've retired.

After all there are no 'fines' for false information given to the tax slaves,
unless someone can point to a law (i.e. 'Act') that states otherwise.

It seems that old habits are hard to break.

Victoria's ex premier Mr. Jeff  Kennett, states that "Presumption of innocence too precious to lose", where in fact it has already been lost.

Maybe under some entrenched imperial laws there might be the official slogan of innocent until proven otherwise, but this is definitively not the case under Roman Law, which operates in Australia's court system, a fact that Kennett should be aware of given his role in the legal/political community.

When one's person is accused of a road offence, this matter is listed in the entry level courts as a criminal matter.

Within the  jurisdiction of the courts, your person is under strict and/or absolute liability when in the position of the accused / defendant / respondent .

To make it simple for people:

Absolute liability = GUILTY and a penalty is enforced,
Strict liability = GUILTY until proven otherwise.

By entering the jurisdiction of the court, you understand that your right to "innocent until proven otherwise" is taken away from you.

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