Friday, August 3, 2018

What the government doesn't want you to know about your online data

The commotion with regards to the recent actions of the corporation conglomerate called the Australian Government putting patient's health records online is the illusion that they have an 'opt-out' choice, where in reality the information will still be shared between various agencies, just without the patient's knowledge.

What people did not know prior to the focus on the health records is that their data was already available six years prior with the ability to be shared.

As sure as death and taxes, politicians will lie, where the Australian people have been lied to and will keep on being lied to by those in authority.

Despite the false assurances by those in government, your 'online' data is not safe and never will be, where security (or rather lack of it) will be breached in order to access your records which will later be used against you in various ways, which could potentially kill you if you are easily vulnerable with regards to your medication.

As seen in the above screen capture, Australia is a cyber espionage hot spot.

The Australian Government's I.T infrastructure in order to keep data allegedly safe is in an appalling state, subject to many vulnerable points of entry, but that's something that is no doubt vehemently denied.

As an example in the screen capture below, Singapore is much more technologically advanced where not too long ago, what was put into the public domain was that 1.5 million medical records were hacked.

Whatever the real figure of hacked Australian records that have occurred and will occur, you can be sure that the people in government will not tell the general population the real numbers.

MyHealthRecord is a scam that has cost the Australian tax payers millions.

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