Tuesday, August 20, 2019

'Lord' Louis Mountbatten a paedophile

No doubt the 'palace' knew about this, and also 'supported' his behaviour.

There are more hiding within the palace, but whether they will be exposed is another matter.

These are the people who the serfs look up to...

Friday, August 16, 2019

Government refuses to report data breach despite legal obligation

You've heard it before, right?

"No one is above the law", where technically it would be better phrased that no person is above the law, as the law is with reference to your 'person'.

And in this (rogue) colony we call Australia, it gets better.

While the serfs are punished, where their privileges, benefits and services are taken away from them for not following the law to the letter, those in government who have written law that specifically applies to them, do not follow it, with little to no punishment ever being seen.

The current myki 'scandal' is another reason why you should not willingly register ANY item with the people in government.

For those who have not registered their myki card with the government, and other items (like cash in a bank) kudos to you!

So, if the people in government do not follow their own law, why should you follow theirs?

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Amazon’s Ring Is a Perfect Storm of Privacy Threats

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Migrants send welfare benefits overseas for their families

Many people would be aware that Australia's welfare allocation business called Centrelink can be dodgy at times, where those times would be from 8:30 am to 4:30pm, but let's take a look at how some people are defrauding us (hard working tax payers, no not taxpaying multinationals, silly) of Centrelink's allocated funds.

Some may recall that a previous government spokesperson stated that they stopped the 'boat people', which they may or may not have, where in reality the influx we see today has been transferred to 'plane people'.

These people come into the country under the false label as refugees or students, where their actions are geared towards fraud against the Australian people.

How do they do it?

They rent out a property, say a three bedroom place where three people would be officially registered at, then once they've settled in they put in extra beds where it's not uncommon to have 8 welfare recipients living in a three bedroom place.

To start off with, they receive cash upfront from the government, as well as their fortnightly benefit.

They can also be supplementing their welfare benefits with cash work, not excluding or limited to the passenger transportation or hospitality industries.

People should be aware that welfare benefits are only for the registered recipient for that person's 'survival' in this country and not as cash to be sent overseas.

Unfortunately this fraud has been happening for quite some time and the government has been aware of it, but has chosen not to do anything about it.

Don't forget when the ATO accuses you of an allegedly owed tax, they'll just take those numbers from your account.

How many Centrelink's 'robo-debt' notices were sent out to those fraudsters ?

Monday, August 5, 2019

Government conceals lack of consent and ward of the state status of William Tyrrell case

Children’s advocate Allanna Smith (above, right) with the birth grandmother of William Tyrrell at an inquest hearing in March this year. Picture: Peter Rae.Source:News Corp Australia

"Missing boy William Tyrrell’s doomed life" is the current headline of the article by news.com.au, but they should have added "in the hands of the government".

One of the most crucial elements with regards to the legality of any action is a minor detail called consent, which corporations are all too aware of, and the (Australian) government brushes aside or 'forgets' in many instances.

The Australian Government tried to cover up adoption "plans without consent or knowledge..." with regards to the disappearance of William Tyrell.

They also tried to cover up that he was a 'handpicked' ward of the state.

'Handpicked' for paedophile's activities?

Some wards of the state fall into the hands of known abusers.

Well the matter just got a lot messier for the government, as these facts the government tried to conceal have been exposed by a whistleblower, Allanna Smith.

By now you would have figured out that the government is liable for William Tyrrell's disappearance.

Read more within the following link:

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Australia's 1.1million children living in poverty is a deliberate failure of government

Very briefly:

Currently on the Australian television air waves a message is sent out to the general population to commit to a business transaction to donate their cash to a charity because there are 1.1 million children in Australia living in poverty.

But we already gave at the 'office', in the form of taxes.

Is it the people's fault that the lawmakers or people in government did not distribute our cash to those in need?

Is it the people's fault that the people in government choose not to allocate enough tax payers cash into healthcare or infrastructure?

Australia's homeless is also the people's fault, right?

Maybe we should also donate (their corporate promissory notes, commonly referred to as cash) to the poor breeders in government who give themselves $200k+ salaries which they claim they cannot afford to live off, meanwhile stating that the 'dole' is enough to live off and they can do it.

It is our job to give to Australia's 1.1 million children in poverty and we did, but those in the 'Australian Government' allocated these funds to themselves, and created jobs for mates and family members (now now don't go running off with that last remark as the sole reason, for it was just an example).

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Police covering up their dishonest and criminal actions in Lawyer X case

Are these the actions of an honourable corporation?

Should taxpayers be expected to fund a corrupt police 'force'?

Is this something that abides by 'community standards'?

The matter regarding the snitch lawyer Nicola Gobbo is realistically the tip of the iceberg with regards to a corrupt Victoria Police, where as always the brotherhood sticks together with the help of their brethren in positions as lawyers, magistrates and judges.

It would have been bad 'PR' to sweep this one under the chequered tiles.

Not to worry there's PLENTY more corruption that is hidden, where who knows who will expose this in the future, even if the judicature will try to suppress...

For now this is news:

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

If you must use Facebook

You may want to follow this advice from the following article of the headline:

If you feel your organization needs a "presence" in Facebook

-- Richard Stallman


French Translation
Facebook is a surveillance engine, accumulating lots of personal data which is also available to the state. For your privacy and freedom's sake, it is important not to have an active Facebook account; refusing blocks Facebook's main channel for collecting information about you and, through you, about your friends and relatives. (Whatsapp, a subsidiary of Facebook, is also important to avoid.) Explaining to them why you firmly insist on routing your communications with them through some other system will strengthen your will power to resist systems that use you to harm you and others.
Nowadays Facebook has gained so much power that it puts freedom and democracy in danger. Its rules for what can be published amount to censorship of society as a whole, leading to political disputes. But those disputes are a distraction from the bigger point that no company should have so much power.
Facebook has the power to manipulate elections through subtle policy changes. Whether or not it has intentionally done so, this state of affairs is dangerous.
Many organizations maintain a Facebook page to attract public support. Having the page does not directly harm the organization. However, if it's not careful, the page will add to Facebook's power.
Organizations typically manage Facebook pages to aim for the maximum possible visibility. Facebook's cunning engineers have designed the system so that the way to get maximum visibility is to boost Facebook's power as much as possible.
The simple way to completely avoid this is to refuse to have a Facebook page. However, a compromise may be possible, one which attracts public support while not boosting Facebook's power much. This article proposes such a compromise.

General principles

  • Make the organization's own web site the go-to place for all information about the organization. Whatever people want to know, the web site should be the best place to look for it.
  • Say in the Facebook page that the organization's own web site is the best place to look for information about the organization. Explicitly ask people to make links always to the web site, never to the Facebook page.
  • Adopt this motto: "Facebook is a bad place for a person to be. When people find us on Facebook, we lead them away from Facebook and then talk with them elsewhere."

What to post on Facebook; what not to post

  • Select what you post on the Facebook page so that the organization's own web site is clearly the best place to find information about the organization.
  • Do post important new articles and announcements from the organization on Facebook, but only around half of them. Then say, in the Facebook page, "See our web site — we have a lot more there."
  • When you announce an event in Facebook, don't put the full story there. Do state the place, date, time, and a brief description, enough for people to attend if they wish — but give a link to the page in the organization's web site about the event, and reserve part of the interesting information about the event for there.
  • Post the same list of event summaries in the web site, so that people who want a summary don't think Facebook is the best place to look for it.
  • Don't update all the fields of transitory information in the Facebook page. Instead, when you change your the organization's web site significantly, update the Facebook "status" with a few words to say so.
  • On the organization's website, provide a way for people to ask for notifications of changes and new announcements, so that they don't depend on Facebook for this.
  • Don't post on Facebook any information about the participants in your events — especially not their names. Respect their privacy! The only exception is names of speakers or teachers, as part of the advance description of events.
  • In particular, don't post photos on Facebook that show any people. Remember that Facebook identifies people in photos from their faces, and even from the backs of their heads. Don't show anyone's head, viewed from any angle, to Facebook.

Avoid Facebook messages

  • State in the Facebook page that those who wish to talk with the organization should use other systems, not through Facebook messages. State which systems you prefer, and give the account names or numbers to use.
Other communication systems may have other flaws. At the FSF we use mainly email and phone calls; we use SIP for audio/video communication over the internet, but never Skype because Skype requires proprietary client software. However, the crucial point here is that any communication method other than Facebook and WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) will move people out of Facebook.
If someone sends you a Facebook message despite your request, respond by saying, "Please let's switch to system X, Y or Z to have this conversation. We do not want to give Facebook any more information about our organization or its participants, including you."

Avoid helping or boosting Facebook

  • Don't mention the Facebook page in your web site or other postings. The Facebook page is for those that look for it on Facebook.
  • Don't display a "Like" button on your web site. Facebook uses "Like" buttons in non-Facebook pages to track all visitors to those pages. The button tracks even visitors that don't have Facebook accounts.
  • It is advisable on general principles to use a browser such as IceCat that blocks tracking systems in web pages, including the Facebook Like buttons and most advertisements.
  • Another reason not to have a "Like" button in your own web site is that they encourage visitors to be more involved in Facebook.

How you can communicate safely with Facebook

Facebook uses many methods to get data about people. Some of them are rather tricky. If people in the organization have Facebook accounts and want to use those to manage the organization's page, the organization has no reason to object. But the organization must never urge a person to submit to Facebook's surveillance in order to manage the organization's page. That would be a gross wrong to the person in question.
Here is a guide for how people can manage the page using pseudonymous Facebook accounts. A few of them stretch Facebook's commands, but it is not wrong to do that — Facebook does not deserve obedience.

  • Make an account under an alias for maintaining the organization's page. Give made-up plausible data which is not humorous and doesn't relate to you. Then never use the account for anything except to handle the organization's page. Facebook will never have a reason to doubt the data on the account.
  • If several people manage the organization's page, give each one a separate alias account. Don't give any of the same data in two accounts.
  • Make a couple more such accounts as backup.
  • The only more-or-less safe way to connect to Facebook is through a browser. Never connect using Facebook's mobile app, because that requires giving Facebook access to other information on the mobile device, including personal contact information, text messages, calender events, and other confidential information. This can expose personal information — yours and others'. It can even expose sensitive information, harming you or others you know. This is no surprise, because the app is proprietary software (an injustice in itself; see here), and proprietary software commonly snoops on users (see proprietary surveillance).
  • It is safest to connect to Facebook only from a computer that belongs to the organization and is in the organization's office.
  • To make the site work without the need to run nonfree Javascript code, visit to m.facebook.com rather than facebook.com itself.
  • If you ever connect to Facebook from your own computer (rather than the organization's computer in its office), do it this way: install the Tor Browser Bundle (available for Windows and OS X as well as GNU/Linux) and use it to visit https://m.facebookcorewwwi.onion/ rather than Facebook directly. This stops Facebook from determining your location or your IP address.
    Note: the site facebookcorewwwi.onion.to is a fake. Don't be fooled.
  • Never "check in" at a location no matter how much Facebook nags you.
  • Make a separate local account on the computer for each Facebook account, connect to it from that local account, and don't ever use that local account for anything else.
  • If you don't make a special local user account to talk to Facebook from, delete cookies immediately after each connection with Facebook. Not just once a day! Facebook uses cookies to surveil other browsing done from the same account. Many browsers will allow you to specify a setting to treat all cookies as one-session cookies. That will delete them automatically, provided you shut down the browser after each connection with Facebook, which is advisable.
  • Do not give Facebook access to any real account on any other site. If Facebook demands info about your other accounts, make real accounts that you don't really use, and tell Facebook about those. It is OK to give Facebook the email addresses that the organization publishes for contact from the public, but not the passwords of those email accounts.
Facebook harms people in many ways, and there is no way to completely avoid the harm. We hope this compromise approach to Facebook will provide benefit to the organization, while saving it from becoming Facebook's tool. Meanwhile, there are many other social networks one can use. Many well-known centralized social networks are less intrusive than Facebook; what's more, GNU Social and Diaspora respect users' rights through a decentralized architecture, based on free software — why not try them?

Copyright (c) 2016 Richard Stallman Verbatim copying and redistribution of this entire page are permitted provided this notice is preserved.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Facebook's activities in Australia are illegal

Riding on the back of Facebook's five billion dollar fine in the United States, we have been 'reminded' that the global advertising and data hoovering giant is conducting its business activities illegally in Australia.

Now we've heard all the "you made that claim, you prove it" type responses that people make on social media, and this post in not about 'proving' anything to any person.

Now you don't have to be a 'constitutional expert' in order to get to the bottom of Facebook's illegal business activities in Australia, meaning there will be no need to refer to the law called the 'Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act'

or any reference book known as the 'Quick and Garran' within the legal business.

Now now, don't get all special in calling the Quick and Garran our 'constitution' or 'true law'.

So, what will set you apart from the herd, the Facebook 'lawyers' is that you'll know where to look.

Please note: Do not use the Facebook app from your smartphone.

Just recently The Australian Government has completed a report (Digital platforms inquiry) from an 18 month investigation into Facebook and Google's online dominance.

Pity (or maybe is it on purpose?) that they did NOT pick up that Zuckerberg's company is not kosher in Australia.

Betcha if you (the serf) did something illegal [online] the feds would be all over your ass.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Hundreds of PSO arrests are unlawful

For years we have informed readers that warrants that apparently the so called Sheriff of Victoria allegedly possesses as a result of fines arising from the so called 'Infringements Court' in Victoria are unlawful, but that fact has not been heralded by the mainstream media.

THEREFORE, ANY action or seizure of property as a result of those alleged warrants is unlawful, since the days before Warwick Knight or Brendan Facey, but that is a far greater bug bear for those in government, than the topic of this article.

One important line in this article to note is this:

"Victoria Police officers are now "supporting" PSOs on the job"

The action described in the sentence above indicates the police state Victorians live in.

Shouldn't police support the victims of 'crime', that being those wronged by the system?

After all you did have harm done to your 'person' in the hands of the system, right?

See article from 25 Jul 2019 by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation at:


NBN contractors destroying property

NBN's acronym should be National Butchering Network with relation to the entire dodgy business that the Australian tax slaves have payed dearly for, that is already outdated before it's finished.

In the usual business practice of denouncing liability, the rock apes that dig up the ground are 'contractors' where no onus falls on the NBN Co, should any issues occur, you know like the apartment 'scandal' that has hit residents.

Just say you are a house proud home 'owner' (well, no person is technically a property owner in this colony) about to get conned into an inferior product called the NBN, get ready for a surprise, where if any excavation is required for the install, the Neanderthals will not put it back the way they found it (in this case being the driveway), where they will patch it up with an eyesore of volcanic hot tar.

There goes the value of your home thanks to these assclowns.

Who you gonna sue ??? !!! ???

Be vigilant serfs, don't let them devalue your investment.