27 November 2019

How to get out of being interrogated by police

Australia is a ‘funny’ ol’ place, where archaic colonial rule applies, i.e. penal colony policies, where the police state is running amok.

So, how do you get out of being grilled by the suits in such a dark blue that it’s so close to black that it’s not funny, where history will tell us that it does not end well for the ‘people’?

Well, you ‘just’ tell the cops that you’re sick.

That's right it's THAT simple.

You know you have “ill health”, you’re suffering, maybe even got an attack of the sniffles, your stomach hurts as a result of your poor diet as shown via your Candida infested tongue, or quite simply that you’re suffering from CBF.

That just might work for the (‘supported’ personnel of the ) ‘administration’ or it seems to work well if you're a molester in a position of authority in Australia, but surely not you the serf?

Give it a go and share your experience here with the rest of us.

1 comment:

PeoplePleaser🤣🤬🥊👌 said...

Would it work in a magistrate court?