Thursday, July 11, 2019

Google removes petition signed by 236 scientists worldwide on EMF radiation

Google fiddles with internet search results, to support a government or corporate agenda, as opposed to the facutal data obtained from those search results.

Google also deletes documents in its possesion that may not be in line with a mainstream point of view, irrespective of evidence.

With the emergence of 5G technology corporations as agressively pushing it, e.g. Telstra, Samsung (obviously for a high Return On Investment), whereas scientists may be a bit more cautious.

In an article from 15 Jul 2018 by of the headline "The inconvenient truth about cancer and mobile phones" there is a link to a "petition signed by 236 scientists worldwide" that points to a storage facility within Google, where the document has been removed, as seen in the screen capture below:

Could this be the document they removed?:

Reference to document:

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