14 July 2019

Harvey Norman bullying its contractors for free advertising

The world is made for corporations where the serfs are nothing more nothing less than corporate fodder.

The Australian Government (as opposed to the 'Commonwealth of Australia') figured a great way to make more money from its slaves, by corporatising 'everything'.

From the people's (i.e. Commonwealth) assets the likes of the Postmaster-General's Department, utilities, 'local government' to jobs that have been privatised within those government departments a new era of slavery dawned upon workers in Australia under the fashionable name of 'contractors'.

A great benefit to any (Australian) government department or business is something called liability, where they denounce any or all of it with regards to the 'contractors' carrying out the tasks seconded to them.

As we should know in this modern day and age, there are big bucks in advertising especially when the service is online.

In the 'old school' way bill boards, pamphlets and advertising material on moving vehicles is the norm.

Harvey Norman uses contractors for its delivery services, where fierce competition drives the costs (for H.N) down, especially when cheap imported (slave) labour is thrown into the mix.

Being the entrepreneurs (oops sorry, scumbags) they are Harvey Norman, wants their independent contractors to advertise the Harvey Norman brand on their trucks for free, that's right for nothing for no exchange of cash or numbers into a bank account.

Since these 'contractors' have set up business names in order to make a living, pay the bills and feed their families, they may advertise their business name on their own (or financed) trucks, but Mr. Gerry Harvey requires them to have his 'brand' advertised exclusively with no 'compensation' for this action, if not they just might not get any Harvey Norman jobs.

No law put in place to stop this kind of corporate bullying?

That's a shame.

But they'll put in a law that punishes drivers for 1km/h over the speed limit, as the excuse is that it may save lives, but in reality they know it does not.

Thankfully this is a 'lucky country', as it sure is NOT a clever one.

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