20 January 2009

Car washing – illegal, Air Conditioning NOT!

In an attempt to restrict water usage, the Victorian government has implement laws to police such matters. A current law that exists is that it is illegal to wash your vehicle with tap (fresh/drinking) water. If convicted hefty fines follow.

A new business venture that sprung up approximately 15 years ago, was that of ‘car washing’ facilities. The business case defies logic for success, given the then current conditions regarding water usage, although a ‘drought’ was always looming in one form or another, but not to such a publicised extent as it is today. In order for these businesses to flourish the government introduced laws to ban washing your car at home, but NOT at the washing businesses, at an ENOURMOUS cost to the user.

Evaporative Air conditioners are sold, and operated extensively in Victoria. They are connected to the mains (i.e fresh) water supply.

A domestic evaporative cooling system can use 20 – 75 litres (4.4 – 16.5 gallons) PER HOUR !!!50 litres / hour average. This water goes to waste.

A car can be washed at home with approximately 20 litres of water. It is illegal to wash your car at home, BUT NOT illegal to waste 1000 litres (220 gallons) per day (50lit/hr – average x 20 hrs of air conditioning time).

The government has failed to supply enough water for the current population.

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MentalOrgasm.Org said...

This is absolutely true, I'm doing research on this right now and Australia will run out of usable water due to an overburdened supply!