14 April 2009

Madonna son has Aussie accent: ex-nanny

Madonna's adopted son has an Aussie accent and is an AFL convert, thanks to his former Australian nanny.

Angela Jacobsen, originally from Melbourne, worked until recently as the carer for David Banda, the boy Madonna adopted from Malawi in 2006.

Ms Jacobsen has told New Idea magazine, on sale from Monday, that David speaks with an Australian accent.

She says she encouraged David's interest in AFL, even teaching him the Hawthorn club song.

"A friend sent David a Hawthorn shirt. Then when (older brother) Rocco saw it, he wanted one, so the club sent a box of goodies out to them," she told the magazine.

"I taught David the club song and he would get on the phone to my brother Brad and say: 'Go the Hawks.'"

Ms Jacobsen, 29, said she was made redundant recently because Madonna needed a French-speaking nanny to care for David, as all her children go to French school.

Working for the pop queen was filled with perks, and Jacobsen said she was treated like family.

"Everyone has this image that working for Madonna is a 24/7 draconian experience.

"But I got weekends off when a weekend nanny replaced me.

"I'd jump on a plane, bus or train and see more of wherever we were in the world."

Jacobsen said she would love to keep in touch with David but doesn't think she'll be allowed to.

She said she may follow in Madonna's footsteps and adopt a child.

"I'd love to adopt a child like him from Malawi."

ninemsn 13 Apr 2009

Irrespective of her fame / fortune, the actions are nothing more that PURE TpT.

Madonna uses the Black baby thing as a PET rather than a human, following the trend in Hollywood.

She does not even take care of herself, but rather pass it on to a nanny.

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