08 August 2009

Woman 'plotted to kill husband over money'

A US woman who allegedly took out a hit on her new husband transferred the property deed to their townhouse into her name one day before the killing was supposed to take place.

Dalia Dippolito, 26, was on Wednesday charged with solicitation to commit first-degree murder after Florida police staged an elaborate ruse to convince her that her husband Michael was dead.

She made headlines around the world when video footage showed her collapsing in tears into a policeman's arms after he lied about the supposed killing.

Now more details have emerged, alleging that Dippolito only married her husband for money and that it was her boyfriend who originally tipped off police about the murder plot.

A lawsuit tendered to Palm Beach County court is petitioning to have Dippolito stripped of the deed to the US$232,000 ($277,213) house.

"She did not love the Plaintiff and only married him to unlawfully obtain his property," the lawsuit said.

"She knew she wanted the Plaintiff dead and her representations of love and devotion were false at the time they were made.

"The sole purpose for the marriage was to convert all of his property to her own use."

Police staged the elaborate sting operation only after Dippolito's boyfriend came forward saying she had hatched the murder plot, the papers said.

The new allegations come after Dippolito, who is currently on bail, screamed a denial of the allegations to reporters following her arrest.

"I didn't do anything and I didn't plot anything," she said.

The alleged plot was foiled when the police informant met Dippolito on Saturday where she gave him a down payment of US$1200 ($1428) for the hit man to buy a handgun, according to a police statement.

She also provided photos of her husband and their home, then asked for a time for the hit so that she could get her hair done in Boca Raton to create an alibi.

On Monday afternoon, she met with an undercover police officer posing as the hired hit man, who asked her if she was sure she wanted her 38-year-old husband killed.

"Dippolito laughed and said, I will be very happy. She agreed to pay him US$3000 ($3571) when the job was done," the police statement said.

On Wednesday, Dippolito was called to her townhouse where police, including crime scene techs, were at work.

A waiting sergeant told her that her husband was dead, and she collapsed crying into his arms.

She was then taken to the police department where she came face to face with the man who supposedly shot her husband twice in the head — but who instead said her husband was alive and well in the room next door.

Dippolito was immediately charged and taken into custody.

and AAP 8 Aug 2009

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