13 November 2009

Cash for Gold

The current trend in the mass media, at the moment is to advertise to obtain you 'old' gold.
The perception given is that you 'old' gold is 'worthless', and you can cash in on it, since it is at an all time high, i.e. it is to your benefit.

The reality is that according to the Financiers that control the prices of gold, the reality is that the price is low at the moment, and will rise another 50% soon.

See story : Lihir says Gold could reach US$1500.

Gold in Australia is controlled by very few men.

Joseph Gutnick's profits from the Gold mines of Australia, are taken overseas to Israel to built settlements on occupied land.

Joseph Gutnick, in 1999, along with partner Robert Champion de Crespigny, were found to have illegally structured a takeover of a mining company and Gutnick was ordered to return $28.5 million to investors. The court found that their behaviour in jointly bidding $450 million earlier that year, for a company called Great Central Mines, was unlawful and deceptive.

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