21 August 2010

Federal Election - Labour Wins

One of THE greatest misconception of the General Masses is that they have a say in which political party is elected.

History has repeated itself on many occasions that it is without a doubt that the elected political power has been put in place by not the people.

What preceedes ANY election is the media circus that 'stupifies' the masses into believing that it is always a close or neck to neck race.

In reality the political party is chosen behind closed doors by the Financiers, Lawmakers and 'ruling' business community.

Another 'trick' used by the political parties to make things seem more plausible, is that a 'leader' ( or rather speaker) of the party that is NOT supposed to win, is chosen who is a Public Relations Dunce.

This tried and proven method, used since the ancient Greek times, is used to 'officially' sway the voters in which ever direction the authorities seem fit.

In this instance the PR Dunce is Abbott.

  • Ahead of the Official results of the Australian Federal Election, it is clear that the 'winner' of the elections will be Gillard or the policies that the Labour Party stand for.

One of the HOT election topics is 'boat people'.

The global trend is to scatter the 'boat people' under the banner of 'Human Rights' in order to gradually decline the standard of living of the masses, with slave labour that the 'boat people' are designed for.

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