10 August 2010

Hinch names town where pedophile lives

Broadcaster Derryn Hinch has thumbed his nose at the law again, this time naming the Victorian country town where a pedophile has been placed.

Hinch is taking his fight against court orders hiding the identity of sex offenders to the High Court. In 2008, he allegedly named two sex offenders at a victims of crime rally on the steps of Victorian parliament and on his website, and was later charged with breaching suppression orders.

On Tuesday, again at a rally outside parliament, Hinch named the town where the pedophile was reportedly placed.

He had also named the town on his radio program on Monday.

"The people of (this town) ... are rightfully scared. They do know now who this person is, they do know now where he lives and they are entitled to know that," he said to the cheering crowd.

"People say `oh vigilante this, vigilante that', there has not been one vigilante attack in this country.

"Vigilantism is a hoax - it's put up by the government, by the attorney-general - it does not happen."

Hinch said the High Court was scheduled to hear his case in Canberra on September 28.

Waving signs with slogans such as `Victims deserve equal rights' and `Do the time, do real time', about 100 people were at the Coalition for Safer Communities rally calling for both major political parties to end suspended sentencing and change defensive homicide laws.

Shaye Beck's daughter, Jade Bownds, 22, was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend, Luke Middendorp, who was found guilty of defensive homicide.

He was jailed for a maximum of 12 years in May but could be eligible for parole in six years.

"We were dumbfounded, we really were, that he ended up with defensive homicide," Ms Beck told the crowd.

"My daughter had a fractured jaw, a piece sliced out of her ear, multiple bruising on her arm and her legs, a black eye and four stab wounds to the back - one that was so vicious that it went in the back, punctured her lung, and came out the front.

"Yet in six years time, Luke Middendorp, who will only be 32 years of age will be out on the streets and probably looking for another partner.

"By getting defensive homicide he has basically gotten away with the perfect murder."

The crime of defensive homicide was introduced in Victoria in 2005 when the defence of provocation was scrapped.

The community group has met with Labor and the coalition, demanding that each commit to reforming double jeopardy laws, setting mandatory minimum terms, removing suppression orders, changing defensive homicide laws, boosting the restitution fund for victims of crime and revising the Victorian Victims Charter of Rights.

10 Aug 2010

Australia's Anglo-Masonic Judges are (deliberately) too lenient when serious crimes are committed.

These crimes are generally committed within the community AWAY from the ghetto's the Law Makers live in.

If the crimes of this calibre were committed against the Law Community, then the sentences would be entirely different.

The law that is supposed to protect the community is a farce as it releases these criminals into society, knowing full well that they WILL re-offend.

Wangaratta is the Victorian town named.

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