25 January 2011

Tottie Goldsmith says drugs were 'not hers'

Tottie Goldsmith says that drugs found in her beach bag during a Melbourne music festival at the weekend were "not hers".

The 48-year-old former Neighbours star was charged with carrying an illicit substance, believed to be cocaine, after she was stopped by drug dogs at the Hot Barbeque music festival at Portsea.

Goldsmith's agent initially refused to comment on the reports, but has now released a statement saying she was embarrassed by the incident but thanked the police for their professionalism.

"Tottie wishes to express her total disapproval and embarrassment that drugs belonging to other people were found in her beach bag. The drugs were not hers nor were they for her use," the Herald Sun quoted the statement as saying.

"She thanks Victoria Police for their professionalism and courtesy and strongly encourages them to continue the fight to protect the youth of Victoria.”

Goldsmith's father, former nightclub owner and restaurateur Brian Goldsmith, was with his daughter at the VIP marquee, hosted by Molly Meldrum and Lili Romano.

Goldsmith, who played Cassandra Freedman in Neighbours, was seen partying with other celebrities at the VIP Beach Club marquee after the incident, the report said.

Inspector Shayne Pannell said no one was above the law.

"This type of behaviour will not go unnoticed by police and we will ensure anyone doing the wrong thing is caught," he said.

The actor may be forced to undergo a diversion program and seek therapy if she pleads guilty to carrying an illicit substance.

ninemsn.com.au 24 Jan 2010

Another 'star' caught with drugs, and the standard procedure is DENIAL.

At major events such as The Big Day Out, Schoolies, etc drugs are not only common, but necessary.

It is also common knowledge within the industry the Ian 'Molly' Meldrum would use drugs not only at his place of work Mushroom Records but also at public events.

The politics of this is that law just closes its eyes on these public figures, as it is not in the best interest of the business moguls.

the politically correct procedure of the new age to seek therapy is a cop out, as these people do NOT need therapy.

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