26 June 2011

Guatemalans injected with syphilis by U.S. doctors

Another atrocity against humanity supported by the United States government.

On Australian television, on 19th of June 2011, SBS aired the program that dealt with the injecting of the citizens of Guatemala with syphilis by the United States government.

In this documentary, it was noted that this was done on purpose in a far away location in order not to arouse public scrutiny, and the reports deliberately hidden from various personnel, and only privy to a certain few.

The doctors involved were fully aware that the procedures they were carrying out are again humanitarian principles, but yet still carried them out.

The reports suggest that the tests were done on those people, as they are not considered of any value, or in the most extreme circumstances expandable.

This is a 'typical' example of how the 'Anglo' authorities view the negro races, as sub-human or of similar calibre to that of animals.

This is not an isolated example, but rather a policy within the ranks of the government.

In Australia, the native Aboriginal population was hunted and shot as game.

There are many documented facts regarding this type of policy within the 'Anglo' establishments.

''The Stolen Generation" stories are another indication of such policies.

These are the policies of the governments that rule over us.


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