11 August 2011

$5000 missing from Victoria Police exhibits storage unit

CORRUPT police are suspected of stealing $5000 from the Victoria Police exhibits storage unit.

Ethical Standards Department detectives have been called in to investigate the missing cash.

The $5000 was part of a larger sum of money which was seized by police to be used in evidence at a criminal trial.

Rather than keep large sums of cash on the premises, the normal practice is for police to bank it and get a receipt.

It was when police were banking the seized cash that they realised $5000 of it was missing.

Assistant Commissioner (Crime) Graham Ashton today confirmed the suspected theft of cash from the Logistics and Exhibits Office, which is located at the Crime Department on St Kilda Rd.

Mr Ashton said Victoria Police was doing everything it could to ensure best practice was implemented and this type of incident does not happen again.

"A full and thorough investigation is taking place into how this incident occurred,'' he said.

"The fact that this money is missing and likely stolen is deeply concerning.

"We thought it was important and transparent to advise the community about this issue and the Crime Department is taking proactive measures to ensure this does not happen again.

"Cash handling processes have been reviewed and documented, initial work practices have been evaluated and a number of opportunities have been identified for further improvement.''

The seized cash was lodged as an exhibit in relation to an investigation in November 2010.

ESD in investigating the circumstances surrounding the missing $5000, which is believed to have been stolen between May and June 2011.

A Victoria Police spokesman confirmed a discrepancy was identified when, as a matter of routine, a sum of money was banked.

He said a review of the circumstances surrounding the incident was undertaken as soon as the local area became aware of the theft and an ESD investigation commenced shortly after.

The embarrassed force has taken steps to try to ensure all current processes within the office are being correctly adhered to.

An external auditor has been called in to review current procedures and is continuing to provide advice and guidance to Victoria Police.

The Logistics and Exhibits Office (LEO) was set up in July 2006 and is responsible for managing all exhibits relating to criminal investigations emanating from the Crime Department work groups.

The spokesman said more than 45,000 exhibits were processed by LEO each year and this was the first time an incident of this nature has occurred.

He said the Office of Police Integrity had been alerted and was oversighting the ESD investigation.

heraldsun.com.au 9 Aug 2011

The amount of fraudulent transactions per week is never revealed to the general population.

The police have an understanding with the mass media not to let certain information out into the public arena.

There is a lot more than one incident of $5000 gone missing.

The politics behind the deliberate misinformation is to not give the public the perception that the are corrupt police within the government, and that the government is in control of its police force, which in reality it is not.

Certain members of the police for are involved in drug syndicates, together with their lawyers help the narcotics industry move along to the unseen eye of the masses.

Judges rarely rule against the 'system' even though the perpetrator's or criminals are upholding the law.

Magistrates, lawyers and prosecutors work together to acquit any police of wrongful doings.

This is usually done by:

  • tampering with evidence,
  • providing false information to the courts,
  • providing false witnesses,
  • falsifying events,
  • framing individuals with narcotics

are just to name a few.

In out of court sessions, the question is raised in which lodge of the brotherhood one belongs to in order to help their brethren.

In Melbourne a recent 'pseudo' completion of a barrier on the Westgate bridge was made in order to prevent suicide jumping, after a very public appeal by the parents of an individual who plunged to his death from the Westgate bridge.

The reality of the situation was that there was on average one jump per day from the bridge, but this was not made public by the mass media.

Misinformation is a deliberate tactic used by authorities to push an agenda, which is conducive to governance.

The Ethical Standards Committee is a so called 'authority', is a Public Relations exercise, set up to please the public, that such an institution exists that deals with corrupt police, but in reality its findings support police corruption.

Victorian and New South Wales Police are long considered the most corrupt in Australia.

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