16 July 2012

Job advertisement fraud

Another ‘cooking the books’ scam that the government is involved in is one that involves false employment advertising, and the ‘signing up’ of prospective employees to a Job Network Provider.

A Job Network Provider is a government sponsored ‘employment agency’ that looks for work on behalf of the enlisted prospective employee, as well as providing the facilities for those who do not have the resources to search for employment, be it via a computer or the more antiquated, print and phone method.

The government has embarked on a ‘Job Network Provider’ business, that is in reality a ‘money for mates’ deal, that employs friends, family or relations in a particular office, to allegedly administer employment opportunities for their clients.

Many participants are waking up to the job scam that is perpetuated by employment agencies, and the corporate media.

Corpau has information from anonymous sources within the government and private industry that has indicated that most of the jobs that are advertised are false, in order to meet a requirement to obtain government funding, in the case of government sponsored agencies, or legal requirements.

Approximately 70% of the jobs advertised are either a previous already advertised position (copy) or have already been filled, but are advertised to meet legislative requirements.

More monies are spent in administering government welfare than what is given to the participants.

This is a multi million dollar scam that the corporate media will not under any circumstances unveil, as this would mean radical changes across the whole of Australia, which would disadvantage the people at the top of the employment food chain.

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