27 July 2012

Police stats exclude 25,000 assaults reported to Triple 0

HALF of all violent assaults reported are wiped from official crime figures, a shock investigation has found.

More than 25,000 assaults reported to Triple 0 in just one year never made it to Victoria Police statistics.
They were deleted despite repeated official demands for the data to be used so Victorians know the true level of crime in our community.
The Australian Bureau of Statistics took the unprecedented step of refusing to publish Victorian assault figures in last month's annual crime victims report.
The controversy comes a year after former police chief Simon Overland was forced out of his job for selectively releasing crime figures.

Another former chief commissioner, Kel Glare, said the situation was a disgrace.
He said accurate data had serious implications for resourcing decisions and it was time the Baillieu Government delivered on its promise to establish an independent agency.
The gap between assaults reported to 000 and those recorded by police grew by 25 per cent in the year after Ombudsman George Brouwer called for police to use 000 data to accurately record crime levels.

The latest 000 data obtained by the Herald Sun under FoI shows more than 25,000 reported assaults went unrecorded by police in 2010 in breach of the force's own operational guidelines.

Crime Victims' Support Association president Noel McNamara said Victorians could have no confidence in the allocation of police resources while the true level of violent crime was hidden.
"It's disgraceful," he said.
A spokeswoman for Police Minister Peter Ryan said options were being analysed.
"It is important to get this decision right in order to provide the community with the most accurate crime statistics," she said.
Police were sent to 52,400 assaults in Melbourne and Geelong by 000 dispatchers in 2010. Just 27,000 assaults were recorded in police data.
A police spokeswoman said only crimes "validated" by investigation were recorded and if no one was present to provide details when police arrived it would not be included.

* Causing trouble 75,617
* Assault 52,472
* Noise complaint 50,719
* Drunk, erratic driver 48,318
* Suspicious loitering 45,336
* Dispute (family) 41,734
* Dispute (neighbour) 41,507
* Burglary 27,643
* Theft 20,379
* Wilful damage 20,186
* Missing person 14,936
* Brawl 11,940
Source: Emergency Service Telecommunications Authority

heraldsun.com.au 26 Jul 2012

More fraud and corruption from the hands of  governance with respect to informing the masses as to the state of crime.

The government is responsible for falsifying reports as to the actual number of criminal cases, in order to portray a false picture, deliberately misleading the masses and leading them into a false sense of security.

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