10 December 2012

2DAY FM prank call law broken

With the most recent events unfolding in the corporate media with regards to a prank call made by Australian Disc Jockey’s working at the 2DAY FM radio station, where as a result a nurse in the United Kingdom apparently committed suicide as a result of the call, there are claims of laws being broken.

Naturally all involved claim that no laws have been broken, as any admission would then open the doors to litigation, and most importantly financial penalties.

The corporate media, being part of the top of the food chain, is in lay mans speak ‘above the law’. The corporate media is set up to be the authority’s official propaganda machine, whose job is also to dumb down the masses.

The corporate media breaks various state and federal laws daily, but there is never any action, by corporations or individuals against the corporate goliaths.

Organisations like ACMA (the Australian Communications and Media Authority) work together with the corporate media, and NOT against it, as believed by the general populous.

In New South Wales, where the prank call originated from, under the Surveillance Act,

- the prank was broadcast nationally so any state law applies,

- a person must not publish a private conversation that has been obtained using a ''listening device''.

A listening device means any device that can ''overhear, record, monitor or listen'' to a conversation. It does not matter that the nurse was overseas when she received the call.

There have been many controversial airings of DJ trash speak, which should have resulted in either radio station suspension, or the instant dismissal of the offending DJ, but neither occurs.

Just another ‘institution’ above the law.

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