26 May 2013

Police brutality caught on candid video

Quite simply put, the police 'force' has been caught out in a brutal attack on a compliant civilian, following an alleged 'violent brawl' in a western suburb of Sydney.

The entire article appears as follows by ninemsn.com.au

Police investigate arrests in Western Sydney park

Dramatic footage has emerged allegedly showing NSW Police officers punching and kneeing two men who appear to offer no resistance as they are arrested in a western Sydney park.

The incident occurred on the evening of May 4 at Biggle Park in Liverpool after police responded to reports of a "violent brawl", a NSW Police spokeswoman said.

The video, which was posted online on Monday, shows a police vehicle arrive at the park before an officer throws a man to the ground.

As the officer attempts to handcuff the suspect another cop arrives and repeatedly punches and knees the man laying face down on the ground.

Moments later a man walking through the park is confronted by a charging police officer.

The suspect falls to his knees as the cop approaches but the officer still pushes him to the grass before dropping his own knee onto the man's back.

The video now forms part of an internal police investigation.

"Police were called to Biggle Park at Liverpool on May 4 this year, following numerous reports of a violent brawl," a NSW Police spokeswoman said.

"The arrests now form part of an internal investigation and further comment is inappropriate."

ninemsn.com.au 24 May 2013

Once video footage is shown, there are no allegations, as the video is used as evidence showing how a police officer assaults a compliant and kneeling citizen.

What the police officer was unaware of is the video footage of him was taken.

Now since this was an assault, the police in due course are able to interview the officer and charge him of the relevant criminal offences he committed.

If this is not carried out in the proper manner, it is quite evident that the police together with the law they 'uphold' are corrupt to the core.

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