17 June 2013

City Councils and Rates are Illegal

In previous posts corpau has mentioned that local city councils and their charging of rates is unlawful.

In order to fully and lawfully explain this, one post, a few  paragraphs or even a couple of dozen paragraphs will not be enough, as the information pertaining to this subject also calls on Australia’s Constitution, it’s validity, the Magna Carta, Royal Assent and Common Law, which prevails over all others, i.e. government and corporate.

The police swear an oath to the Queen to carry out the orders pertaining to this oath, and are NOT allowed to act in or on behalf of corporations which they factually do so, even now ‘enforcing’ unlawful city council fines.

If the peasants revolt or produce factually legal documentation, they are met with the police ‘force’ and removed even while presenting their case peacefully.

The police have the task to keep the masses in line for the establishment, that is their primary role, and NOT to fight crime as perceived by the general populous.

The police and legal system lets the criminals out onto the streets to offend and re-offend, and to murder the ‘canon fodder’.

Many people are disillusioned with how ‘unfair’ or how biased the legal system is, but the fact remains that Australia’s Westminster ‘Anglo-Masonic’ legal system is for the sole benefit of corporations and their brethren members, at the expense of the general populous and the tax payers.

A video posted on youtube Pirates of the Suburbs - Destroying Communities (55min) by Rena Iliades posted on 31 Dec 2012 documents such fraud, among other sources.

The shire where the expose begins is local to the poster, that being Melton City Council.

The Melton City Council / Shire of Melton / SHIRE OF MELTON has also the registered business name of Summersault with the ABN of 22 862 073 889.

Other ‘councils’ in the vicinity are HUME CITY COUNCIL ABN: 14 854 354 856, or  MORELAND CITY COUNCIL with the ABN: 46 202 010 737.

ABN (Australian Business Number) / ACN (Australian Company Number) are numbers that relate to businesses/companies, corporations and NOT government institutions.

A referendum in 1974 AND 1988 produced results that the majority of people did not want local councils, but yet they still exist to this day, charging rates, 'fining' people and foreclosing on their homes, throwing them out onto the streets.

Just to perpetuate the fraud, some city councils change their names every few years, so that monies fraudulently taken cannot be recovered.

The corporate media is subservient to the authorities, as well as having the job not to incite the masses. While there may be exposures of government fraud, there is very little action done on this.

While there is a little bit of news that suggests that councils are illegal and fraudulent there is little follow up action that vindicates the plebs.

The police (including sheriffs) knowingly carry out unlawful breaking and entering, do not ‘serve’ as they are supposed ALL with the support of the legal system behind them, the key being here to keep the masses in their place.
The extent of this ‘city council’ rates fraud across Australia is worth billions annually to the general populous, where the authorities are vigorous at protecting their crimes.


Unknown said...

Supporting docs and evidence of law here
Supporting Docs here for download as well as formatted pdf of the public notice

The below is a section of the 9 page document. The law is stated in original language in the doc and it is all cited.

Matter of public Interest

To the People of the Commonwealth of Australia.

WE received a GIFT
The Crown of England relieved ALL the Commonwealth from the oppressive burden of land rates, taxes, fees and more!
We do not have to argue this right.
Stare Decisi
(The decision Stands)

The Feudal Doctrine was Abolished in 1660, Centuries Ago.

In the 1999 referendum WE the People of the Commonwealth of Australia voted to remain united in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland under the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Any law, statute, reservation or seal that breaches the Crown’s relationship with the people of the Commonwealth of Australia are utterly null and void. Including the Australia Act 1986.

1660 the Restoration of the Crown of England
and the ABOLISHMENT of the Feudal Doctrine


assented to by King Charles II under the Royal Seal of England

The Crown ABOLISHED land taxes, land rates, fees, charges, levies, on land you own. FOREVER AND EVER.

The Crown ABOLISHED the administration of the wards and liveries responsible for collecting these taxes, rules, regulations governing land and the court responsible for fines, seizing property for non payment. Both were ABOLISHED FOREVER AND EVER.

ALL LAND was converted into one and one only FREE AND COMMON SOCCAGE. FOREVER AND EVER. (private, farming, commercial)

No law, act, statute, reservation can change or challenge FOREVER AND EVER.

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3 points here need explanation.

1: The establishment of Local Council is in our Founding Docs. They are a legal entity, & legally entitled to collect fees for the upkeep of the district, but,
2: Anything with the Queens Stamp on it cannot be taxed. That is why 99.9% of all original deeds to property have been replaced by a deed without the Queens Stamp. Go figure.
3: The 1999 Referendum was to officially recognise Local Council as Local Government in our Constitution. It failed, but that does not detract from the fact that Local Council are legal.

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As to my post above on Local Council.
The Founding Doc in question is,
An Act for the better Government of Her Majesty's Australian Colonies.
5th August 1850.
The info can be read from the end of page 671 to the end of page 674, ( Paragraphs XX to XX11)
To my dismay, it also mentions Local Council as Local Government, but nowhere does it say Council is allowed to levy taxes.
CORP AU please go through this Doc & let me know what you think.

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When will this isolation stop its killing the people .. Its the Last Prophecy of the Bible The Book of Revelations shame shame shame to the Evil peoples with their so called power its a horrific sin its a genocide when will this stop today ??