06 July 2013

UFO & Alien Disclosure by Former Canadian Minister of Defense


The extraterrestrial presence in our universe, and even that which is evident on our planet, is becoming more and more of an accepted reality as the droves of evidence continues to mount in the form of government released documents, amateur video, witness testimonies from citizens, military and more. While it still has not found its place on the six o’ clock news around the world, there is a bevy of information to scour through on the internet if anyone chooses to do so. What was once a extremely fringe topic has now become a topic that is discussed a lot more regularly and often with the average person.

There have always been numerous accounts of witness testimonies, government admissions and amateur video floating around the ether ready for anyone to get there hands on, but it was always publicly accepted as an impossibility for the most part. In the collective consciousness, the existence of extraterrestrials and UFOs was simply not a likely reality regardless of the ancient ties and existing evidence. Perhaps this is due to the stance religion takes on the matter? Or due to how heavily government has covered it up? Nonetheless, to believe in aliens was to be a conspiracy theorist and wearing a tin foil hat on your head is how people saw you.

Today this is not quite the same. It seems every day there is another video, document or video case being revealed that demonstrates without a doubt that we are not alone in this universe and never have been. At this point in time you almost have to be putting your hands over your own eyes and shutting your ears to not see and hear the reality that is before us when it comes to ET and UFO presence. Why does the denial still exist? Are we afraid of accepting the reality? What does it mean to us to not want to accept the truth? Perhaps something to reflect on.

Below is a video of Canada’s former defence minister at the 2013 Citizen Disclosure Hearing that took place in Washington DC. What Paul Hellyer shares in this video is nothing short of sheer first hand testimony that ET’s and UFOs exist, the government has known about it for many years and they are even familiar with multiple races.

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