30 April 2014

The proof parking inspectors are heartless

The car in question.
The car in question. Source: NewsComAu
IS THIS confirmation parking inspectors really don’t have a heart? 

As a car owner apparently lay on a hospital bed suffering from a heart attack, the inspectors pounced. Not once, but twice.

This note was photographed on a silver Subaru in Surry Hills, Sydney, begging for compassion. The handwritten plea claims the owner of the car “had a heart attack on Sunday”.

Inspectors decided to leave him a $202 recovery present. Nice.

But the search for the owner of the Subaru and the person who wrote the note is proving difficult.

Say Media, the company whose “old branding” features on the note, closed its Sydney office last year, and told news.com.au it had no record of an Australian employee with the apparent initials written on the note.

A representative for the American company said, “we handed out that notepad at events, it could be anybody that would have come to one”.


Not one fine, but two fines. Source: NewsComAu
Not one fine, but two fines.The proof parking inspectors are heartless
No compassion from the City of Sydney. Source: NewsComAu
The note discovered by news.com.au reporter, Matt Young.
The note discovered by news.com.au reporter, Matt Young. Source: Supplied
City of Sydney Council was contacted for comment and a spokeswoman told news.com.au, “The City is investigating this matter.

“If medical evidence is produced to support the claims made in the note, then the City would consider withdrawing the infringement notice.”

According to the time stamp on the fines, one was issued Tuesday at 10.30am. The other on Monday at 10.26am.

It is not clear when the note was left on the car, but it states the heart attack happened on Sunday, before both fines were issued.

Hopefully the council will decide to let the motorist off when he proves his heart stopped him from moving his car.

news.com.au 30 Apr 2014

What the corporate media is NOT telling the masses is that parking fines are not lawful.

The city councils are aware of this, the magistrates are also aware of this.

Many court cases have been dismissed over validity / lawfulness of this fine, but as a result of the matter being 'dismissed' the public is not aware of the 'technicality'.

Another fraud perpetuated by the business owners.

See article:
Ex Victorian Police officer comments on Fines

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