16 July 2014

Sheriffs office response template letter

Exposing the corrupt Sheriff's Office

In Victoria, Australia, when people are faced with a letter from the 'sheriff' that alleges there are outstanding warrants as a result of unpaid 'fines' the letter follows a template of which there are a couple of variations. One variation is illustrated below:

Once a response letter is written to the Sheriff's Office asking for clarification or any proof of an alleged warrant, the response is not from the Sheriff's Office as per original letter, but from another unknown entity called Civic Compliance Victoria (CCV).

From a contractual point of view, a simple analogy regarding communications is that if one communicates with company A (e.g. a Fish and Chips premises) then company A lawfully has to respond, but rather one obtains a letter from company B (e.g. Butcher Shop) which is totally irrelevant to the communication between the person and the original company A.

ANY communication with the sheriff's office is met with a template response from CCV (Civic Compliance Victoria), alleging that one has responded with a template response, even if it originated as an original response. See illustration below:

Let there be no mistake about it that the persons running around the state of Victoria, that call themselves as 'sheriffs' are in fact committing a crime.

Although their actions are unlawful, they are supported by the treasonous police 'force' of Victoria, and as a result the people of Victoria have real consequences of theft of monies, cars clamped, etc.  

The judiciary is well aware of this grand scale fraud and supports those unlawful actions.


  • The Infringements Act 2006, where most fines are drawn from is in breach of Sect 71 - 80 of the Constitution, therefore invalid.

  • Sheriff's Office (Victoria) has the ABN of 32 790 228 959

  • CCV (Civic Compliance Victoria) is a registered trademark, has no ABN, and is not registered as a business, as it is neither a business nor company nor trading name therefore not legible to conduct business under Australian consumer laws.

  • No so called sheriff can actually provide a 'lawful' warrant.

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