24 August 2014

Corrupt courts to stop you from recording - A new Bill

In Australia, the judicature, including the police, politicians and law makers is corrupt to the core, where the only realistic solution for the 'greater good' (of the general populous, and not the system, as referred to in law) is to wipe the slate clean. This is one task that the authorities will never allow to happen.

The corporate media would no doubt pigeonhole anyone who exposes the corruption en masse as a 'conspiracy theorist' or someone with 'mental issues'.

The Australian businesses commonly known as 'courts' operate fraudulently towards their unwitting 'customers' with deceit / coercion / force in order to gain entrance to their estate name. This is a fact that the lay person would not be aware of, nor many a lawyer or barrister would like to disclose to their client.

Corpau has obtained court recordings that show the level of corruption in the Victorian courts.

The corruption extends (but is not limited) to:

  • Court recordings are tampered with, 
  • Police video evidence is (deliberately?) deleted if it incriminates police,
  • False police statements, affidavits,
  • Theft of property by police,
  • Documents are 'shredded' by the police prosecution,
  • (Deliberate) 'Erring' in law,

all with the full support of the authorities.

Many a court case has made it out onto the social media exposing the corruption, but not readily picked up by the corporate media, even though attention has been drawn to that particular incident.

So that the judicature can still function corruptly, WITHOUT any consequences, new laws are being brought into play that oppress the general populous.

NOTE: The validity of the law via the Bill and the later Act is to be put aside for the moment.

A new Bill is being put forward in the Victorian Parliament in order to criminalise any recording in court.

The document is called Courts Legislation Miscellaneous Amendments Bill 2014 with the internal filename of 571503bi1.pdf  (325KB with 78 pages) available for download at:

ref: http://www.legislation.vic.gov.au/domino/Web_Notes/LDMS/PubPDocs.nsf/ee665e366dcb6cb0ca256da400837f6b/d85614752e9e6511ca257d010026acb7!OpenDocument

Part 5 - Court Security on page 48 of the document is the item of interest for this article.

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