18 August 2014

Job Network rebate


Too many times the people in need, who are reliant upon government welfare are victimised and harassed by not only the corporate media, but also by employers or politicians as free loaders, with derogatory terms like 'dole bludgers' also being used.

If similar attitude was taken towards migrants calling them 'wogs' in today's day and age, then the corporate media would jump on it and the lawyers would have a field day.

Apart from the fact that the Australian government is importing 'slave' labour into Australia at an astronomical rate in order to lower the rate of the Australian worker, there is still hope for the 'dole bludger'.

Employment is big business in Australia, where you (the unemployed person) are the traded as a commodity / resource to all those businesses feeding of you.

Centrelink is a corporation that distributes your money (allocated by the government) to you, with the prime objective to give you as least as possible, via 'breaches', the remainder of which being from your total allocation is (fraudulently) pocketed.

Further down the food chain is another company making tens of thousands per year from your unemployed status, called a 'Job network provider'.

They also fraudulently claim to their customers, the unemployed person, that they are Centrelink, in order to harass and intimidate their client.

Well not all is bad news, as their IS relief for the ones who are on government benefits, (no, not the politicians), the 'dole bludgers'.

Corpau has obtained information from a source that definitely wishes to remain anonymous, regarding an incentive secretly on offer to employers, information that is not handed out to everyone, as it COSTS the job network provider.

$$$ - HERE'S THE DEAL FOR EMPLOYERS - $$$ - A sponsored dole bludger.

The job network provider will pay an amount to the employer to take on their client, the 'dole bludger'.

If an employer can guarantee six months worth of work, and more than 30 hours per week, then they receive a rebate of 70% on the wages of their newly acquired 'dole bludger'.

An example of an employee working for $30 per hour at 40 hours per week, would cost the employer a gross amount of $1,200.

The rebate offered by the job network provider would be $840, with a total cost to the employer being $360 per week or an effective rate of $9 per hour.

A spreadsheet is available for download in the format of Microsoft Excel (97-2003) worksheet from the link below:

Happy employment !

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