15 August 2014

Metro - Transport (Conduct) Regulations 2005

When one comes down to Melbourne and travels on it's PT (public transport) one may realise that it's not really public transport but corporate owned transport that moves the masses.

When one sees the 'Met Officers', the general public are blissfully unaware of their lawful lack of authority, yet the Met staff harass, intimidate and 'fine' travelers with full support of the corporate media's selective reporting.

A photo taken while on the public transport system is from Metro outlining the following:

It states:

On request these seats must be vacated for use by passengers with special needs.* Penalties Apply.

* 'Special needs' means a person who, because of age, disability, illness or pregnancy has a special requirement to travel in a seat. Transport (Conduct) Regulations 2005.

To the average person this may sound pretty lawful having some substance, as a 'Regulation' was quoted.

The the law person, the "Transport (Conduct) Regulations 2005, have no substance in law.

  • A 'Bill' or 'Regulation' has no substance (in law) unless it becomes an 'Act'.

In any event all 'fines' are unlawful, but that can be left to another article.

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