17 October 2014

Cops' code of silence - Police act like criminals says magistrate

Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg said he accepted Constable Brennan Roberts felt “pressured
Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg said he accepted Constable Brennan Roberts felt “pressured and intimidated” by his more senior partner. Picture: Nicole Garmston
A JUNIOR police officer who backed-up a senior officer accused of ramming and bashing a random motorist may keep his job as a cop. 

Constable Brennan Roberts, 27, was today fined $3000 and released without conviction on a charge of making a false report.

Constable Roberts had pleaded guilty to the charge after he came clean to his role in the alleged incident in August last year.

His victim was allegedly punched up to six times in the face by Sen-Constable Kieran Atkin and spent more than four hours in the lockup before being charged with reckless conduct endangering life.

The details were revealed in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court last week after Constable Roberts dobbed him in and confessed to making a false report.

In handing down his decision, Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg said Victoria Police appeared to suffer from a similar culture of silence to the criminal world.

“Especially for young people, who have no choice but to back senior officers,” he said.

Mr Rozencwajg said he accepted the young officer felt “pressured and intimidated” by his more senior partner.

“But your moral responsibility prevailed over self-interest,” he said.

Constable Brennan Roberts outside court. Picture: Nicole Garmston
Constable Brennan Roberts outside court. Picture: Nicole Garmston
The court heard Constable Roberts had been working temporarily with the Brimbank Highway Patrol when the incident happened.
Crown prosecutor Peter Pickering told the court a personal video camera attached to the police car's ceiling captured most of the attack.

The alleged incident happened when the two officers spotted an unregistered Honda on the Melton Highway in Sydenham.

Sen-Constable Atkin, who was driving the car and owned the camera, activated its lights and sirens and followed the Honda for about 2km until it attempted to reverse up a driveway.

Neither officer called headquarters to advise they were in a pursuit. The court heard the victim had been unaware the police car was following him.

Footage shows Constable Roberts get out and approach the passenger door before Sen-Constable Atkin reverses and rams the car, sending it into a brick letterbox.

The court heard the officer then switched the camera off and over the next four minutes assaulted the stunned driver as he sat in the car.

Mr Pickering said the subsequent camera footage captured audio of Sen-Constable Atkin telling his partner what to tell their boss, ordering him to say the victim had aimed his car at them and heavily rammed their car while they were in it.

Constable Roberts maintained the lie for five days before confessing to his superiors.

He was suspended by Victoria Police when charges were formally issued in May this year.

Mr Rozencwajg condemned Constable Roberts for breaking the trust of the community and police, but said he would not create an obstacle for him in returning to his job by imposing a conviction.

An audible sigh of relief from the police officer’s many supporters was heard throughout the courtroom as the sentence was read.

Constable Roberts will give evidence against Sen-Constable Atkin when he faces court in December.

heraldsun.com.au 16 Oct 2014

What most Victorians would be blissfully unaware of is that as of 2013, the Victorian parliament unlawfully made Victoria Police a corporation.

Victorians would also be blissfully unaware that they are living in a Police State, where the police are NOT at or for your service but under instructions of the corporation conglomerate known as the government.

Still not convinced that the police are NOT your 'friends' or even NOT a corporation?

This is another example of the corrupt judicature in Australia allowing criminal cops run rampant.

They are a danger to society and should be incarcerated.

The general populous is imprisoned for lesser 'crimes'. 

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Great Article thanks , The " Australian Government is a total Fraud, Unconstitutional, Unlawful, Treasonous , Criminal in every way ,and Runs The Countries Biggest Satanic and Ritual Abuse Pedophile Network . The So called Australian Police are Riddled with Traitors Thugs idiots Criminals ,pedophiles and Cowards, I do Not Consent . Bob McDonald Cooee Anzac Blood ! Save The Children !