17 September 2015

Sheriff's Office - Your vehicle has the warrant and not you

There is an eerie silence from the corporate media with regards to the legitimate activity of the Sheriff's Office of Victoria, and the illegal Infringements Court, that is responsible for the extortion of money from the motoring public to the tune of approx. $1 million per day in 2015.

We understand that on many occasions, people have informed the major news outlets of court cases, providing legal facts, where there has not even been one single response or attendance in court with relation to those matters.

Could this mean that the corporate media is not impartial to reporting the truth?

Is it that they are not exposing (read covering up) a multi-million dollar fraud by the 'authorities'?

Well here is another piece of evidence from the House of Lies (nee the Department of Justice).

According to current information from the Department of Justice (of Victoria) they state that:

"Sheriff's officers use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology to identify vehicles that have outstanding warrants"

See illustration below:

Ref: http://www.justice.vic.gov.au/home/justice+system/sheriffs+in+victoria/

What the Department of Justice is stating on their website is that:

A vehicle has an outstanding warrant and not any legal/natural 'person'.

That OBVIOUSLY means that yo are free to go, and the sheriff has no lawful claims against your 'person'.

Please also note that the sheriff has no lawfully authority, when calling upon the Sheriff Act 2009, as this act has not been passed lawfully in Victoria.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone asked the Attorney General why the Bills aren't being signed off by the Governor?

Most of the Court Acts are also "...The Parliament of Victoria enacts"

I getting so sick of the corruption.

Anonymous said...

Ok did a little bit of research and the Bills are 'proclaimed' by the Governor of Victoria.

Where confusion comes in is the wording "The Parliament of Victoria enacts" implying the complete process is done by the Parliament, which is not the said case.

In past the term "Royal Ascent" were mentioned.

The scrutiny to if a Bill is properly enacted is the proclamation documentation.

Anonymous said...

A trick the Parliament may use is that if a Bill mentions a date of proclamation, that date may bypass Royal Assent, or proclamation by the Governor. I would consider those Bills/Acts questionable.

AuCorp said...

Once again thanks for your comments Phillip.

"Has anyone asked the Attorney General why the Bills aren't being signed off by the Governor?"

We are aware of a fair few people who have written to the (alleged) 'crims' in office, but with little, incorrect or no response.

VERY difficult to get them to incriminate themselves, especially when they have to sign off on it.

The sheriff's crap is just one example how how fraudulently they operate.

You write a letter to the a$$clown, and you get a computer generated template response from another company with no 'person's' name or signature (for liability)whatsoever.

Actions of a fascist/totalitarian/penal colony regime.

Bob Valdez said...

So how do we get around all this? I'm in my 50's, I work full time and don't have time for a law degree (like it would do any good, based on what I've learned here). The so-called 'constitution" is invalid, so where do we start to defend ourselves against this corporate ripping off?