27 October 2015

Fugitive father and son an embarrassment to police

What's making headlines from news outlets around the country is the fugitive father and son pair Gino and Mark Stocco.

What some people may say it that the pair are responsible for 'common law' crimes, like theft, destruction of property and not the other type of 'crimes' people commit like traveling 2km/h over the 'speed limit', or an outstanding (unlawful) sheriff's warrant for a 'fine' from the illegal Infringements Court.

What no corporate media outlet is actually saying is that the fugitive pair are an embarrassment to the country's police 'force'.

In order to exonerate the police, the media has labelled the pair as 'cunning'.

So the police are unable to deal with 'cunning' criminals??? !!! ???

But the police have training don't they?

  • They have all the sophisticated tools like infrared, and heat seeking cameras in the helicopters. 

  • They are apparently trained in criminology. Aren't they??? !!! ???

  • They are apparently trained in psychology. Aren't they??? !!! ???

Well from the current results, apparently NOT!!!

It seems that the police can deal with people 'speeding', following a robotic procedure in issuing 'fines'.

WOW look everyone Australia is FULL OF CRIMINALS!!! !!! !!!

The police can deal with the moronic procedure of looking up your address in a database and paying you a visit in order for you to own up to a 'crime' of 'speeding'.

Over the past few days apparently Victoria Police have been unable to attend to other crimes, as they have been chasing the fugitive father and son, BUT they are in full swing collecting revenue from 'speeding' motorists.

In reality the police 'force' is a joke at the expense of the general public's safety (IF what you read in the 'papers is true about the 'criminal' pair) and realistically a failure of governance.

But then those two really need to have their side of the story told in an unedited format by the corporate media... As if that's ever going to happen...

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