12 September 2016

List of paedophile judges in NSW

Here are the contents of an email obtained:

( Illustration Chief Justice Tom Bathurst - New South Wales Supreme Court)

Dear Chief Justice Bathurst, Justice Hoeben, Justice Price, Justice Simpson other

I am writing to you all regarding the list of paedophile judges that I intended on
making a formal complaint about to the AFP, Australian Crime Commission, NSW
Crime Commission and Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse. The list is

Known paedophiles

Chief Justice Tom Bathurst - NSW Supreme Court
Justice Clifton Hoeben – NSW Supreme Court
Justice Derek Price - NSW Supreme Court (He is also Chief Judge of the NSW
District Court)
Justice Carolyn Simpson - NSW Supreme Court

Judge Richard Cogswell – NSW District Court
Judge Garry Neilson – NSW District Court
Magistrate Doug Dick – NSW Magistrates Court

Suspected paedophiles 

Justice Ian Harrison - NSW Supreme Court
Justice Lucy McCallum - NSW Supreme Court
Justice Peter Hall - NSW Supreme Court
Justice Michael Adams - NSW Supreme Court
Acting Justice Henric Nicholas - NSW Supreme Court (now retired)
Acting Justice Robert Hulme - NSW Supreme Court
Justice David Davies - NSW Supreme Court
Justice  Peter Garling - NSW Supreme Court
Justice Stephen Campbell - NSW Supreme Court
Registrar Rebel Kenna - NSW Supreme Court
Registrar Christopher Bradford - NSW Supreme Court

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Man of Law 1 said...

Vile pieces of shit that are known.
What of others we don't??

Triddy said...

Comment? Is this what we pay tax dollars to deliver Justice?

nuts's blogs n' stuff said...

richard cogswell? are you sure? I find this hard to believe