07 September 2016

Our Land in Foreign Hands - Corporate media BS?

So here is an article from the Herald Sun publication of the headline:
"OUR LAND IN FOREIGN HANDS", as seen in illustration below:

In this article is complied a list of countries with their percentage in relation to landholding (of farmland).

The Herald Sun states that the U.K is at 7.1%, U.S at 2%, Netherlands at 0.77%, Singapore at 0.48%, China 0.38%, Philippines at 0.29%, Switzerland at 0.227%, Jersey at 0.24%, Indonesia at 0.20% and Japan at 0.17%.

It is of paramount importance for people to comprehend that no one in Australia can actually 'own' land.

 So have the Herald Sun gotten away with it by calling them 'landholders'?

Let's do a quick search in your favourite search engine

So, let's have a look at the text of the above illustration:

noun: landholder; plural noun: landholders; noun: land-holder; plural noun: land-holders
  1. a person who owns land, especially one who either makes their living from it or rents it out to others.
 As mentioned before, at law no one can 'own' the land of this continent, as it is owned by the Crown.

You have actually bought the right to use it (for a limited time), that's all.

So how did this occur?

Well in short,

In 1788, this land was occupied by armed forces led by Captain James Cook, where the land of this continent was forcibly taken (no treaty - unlike with the Indigenous people of 'New Zealand') from the caretakers, the Indigenous Australians, by the British monarchy, making the British monarchy one of the largest war criminals of our time, still until today.

Australia's land - 100% OWNED by the Crown. 

So how can the 'government' sell something that is not lawfully theirs?

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