20 August 2017

Accuweather sends your location and router data to revealmobile

There are many traps in the IT world that con people into giving their private and confidential data to deliberately undisclosed sources.

Some of these traps can be spotted a mile away whereas others can be hidden in apps.

The U.S. company called Accuweather (which apparently has 450 employees) has encoded into its Apple operating system weather app actions that take the physical location of your phone/device and the Wi-Fi router it connects to, and passes it on to another company called revealmobile.com.

Now, was the user made aware of this?

The mind truly does boggle why users need (weather) apps, given that there are only a few sources where the weather data comes from.

For Australians weather data comes from a government resource called the Bureau of Meteorology.

So, the mindless app consumer may say;

"is there an app for that?"

In this case there is no need to have the added expenditure of making apps for the various mobile operating system out there, only jut one set of code that automatically adjusts to your device's screen dimensions;

Apps ARE bad... mmmmmmkaaay.

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