01 September 2017

Police committing fraud and other criminal actions against Victorian motorists every single day

Victoria Police are committing criminal activities against Melbourne drivers every single day and they're getting away with literally 'highway robbery'.

So how does one deal with the situation?

Like one would with a 'common' criminal.

  • Make the allegation in the appropriate forum,
  •  Refer to the relevant sections of law,
  •  Seek a 'remedy', for harm against your 'person'.
It's that easy right?

One aspect that some people may overlook is that fines are literally unlawful, unless before a 'court' (of competent jurisdiction), where that also presents some difficulties for those in charge of this so called court.

The 'problem' is that you have to call it, i.e. comprehend the proper due process of lawfully enacted laws and document the (many) points of failure along the way.

One 'law' that is being relied upon with regards to your 'fine' is the unlawfully enacted Melbourne City Link Act 1995. All you have to do is prove it, that's all, along with the other 'failures' of government along the way.

Other laws you may want to refer to could be; 

Victoria Police Act 2013, Infringements Act 2006, Constitution Act 1975, Royal Style and Titles Act 1973, Australia Act 1986, and the Act of which ever court you're appearing in, e.g. Magistrates' Court Act 1989, Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900, 

just to name a few as there are plenty more depending how thoroughly you wish to expose the corruption and fraud of the people in 'government'.

You have already been 'fined' once, and then you are the proud recipient of another 'harsh and unreasonable penalty' on the second and third day for an alleged offence that occurred once.

For those who are familiar with the correct due process of law, there are many other aspects (deliberately) omitted in this post, as this post is not designed to provide a complete solution to the fraud that Victoria Police are committing together with Transurban and other agencies along the way including but not limited to;

- CCV (Civic Compliance Victoria), 
- DoJ&R (Department of Justice and Regulation),
- Magistrates' Court of Victoria,
- Sheriff's Office Victoria (or whatever other name / logo they go by in whichever year),
- Supreme Court of Victoria.


Will YOU let them get away with criminal activity against your 'person' ???

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