01 October 2017

When the 'sheriff' steals your car where does he hide it?

Many people have figured out that the people running around as Victoria's 'sheriffs' are committing criminal offences.

The reason why the so called 'sheriffs' are still getting away with it in the majority of cases is through fear, intimidation, threats and extortion, where also the majority of people do not comprehend this thing called due process of law.

In order for people in 'authority' to take action against you -

there must be a document which gives that person (taking action action against you) the 'authority' to do so,

otherwise they are committing an unlawful action, subject to charges (which can only happen if you take action against that / those persons involved).

People should be aware that if you do not pay your (so called) 'fine' it eventually escalates to 'sheriff stage' where the Victorian sheriff eventually writes a letter to your person CLAIMING that there are x amounts of warrants for x amount of dollars.

NOTE: Make no mistake, the 'warrants' DO NOT EXIST.

See video in post

If you take no action with regards to the so called sheriff letter, then later on the automobile that is registered under your name may get clamped and taken away when/if you are at major shopping centre or other place where the sting is done.

So who does Victoria's unlawfully appointed 'sheriff' take to task to steal your vehicle and place it where you don't know where it is and EXTORT cash from you in order for you to obtain your automobile?

We have obtained information that the company where your automobile is stored is illustrated within the photo below.

If your car has been STOLEN by a so called 'sheriff' then you may want to give the company a call to see if they have it, and maybe take action against them if your are capable.


Unknown said...

The first mistake people can do is sign a registration contract or licence agreement as you agree to the rules in the legislation for road use. The problem is most people do as they don't want to put up with the "ignorant" and interference of Police and others. There's also the argument on what registration and licensing really means anyway.

MrOllyK said...

That's right Mele, "registration" is actually a "legal" form of abandonment, where the private corporation Vicroads etc. assign, through your consent (signature and payment), allodial title of your car/truck/bike whatever to the State, including the value, which is why they always ask what it's worth, not JUST for sales tax and stamp duty. This value is then added to State coffers, propping them up for trading among other States and likely internationally.

What you signed for in return is only equitable title, giving you the use of your car and the requirement that you repay the "money" on it that the "bank" never really loaned you and complying with all their legislation or Vicroads/police and/or the "bank" will "confiscate" it (unlawful acquisition of property - legal theft) and either hold it for even more ransom or crush it. In any case, you pay - with unlawful money, called fiat currency.

As for licensing, it's not a proper contract because it flouts a few of the requirements (such as full disclosure and honesty) to be a fully legal contract, but is used as such in their Admiralty law. It essentially promotes you - the Man - as a "person", with your name in ALL-CAPS (corporation - Capitis Diminutio Maxima - no rights), a graven image (photo) and your birth (berth - Admiralty or merchant vessel) date.

For hundreds of years, at least since the Magna Carta which has a shrine dedicated to it outside the High Court in Canberra (which they desperately try to ignore), we've had the right to travel our roads (because they're created in Fee Simple and through our taxes, we The People own them) unfettered unless causing harm or loss to another.

Parliament declared this practice of freely using a road (through motorised means - coincidence?) "illegal" (not unlawful) and threaten you with penalties unless you "apply" (beg - which nobody can legally or lawfully be forced to do) for a licence, where they'll happily now turn a blind eye to this illegal act of using a road, unless you have this unlawful "contract".

Many of the uneducated say that a licence proves you're competent and "understand" (stand under) the road rules, somehow gleaning from this that you're less likely to crash. Youtube is testament to disproving that theory outright worldwide.

The only purview of government is commerce. Through many past generations and unlawful, destructive mechanisms (tax file numbers etc.), government has encouraged via threats of fine and imprisonment our "voluntary" consent to become corporate entities, or "persons".

In Blacks Law (and many legislative Acts): "A person includes a corporation".

Maxim of law: "The inclusion of one excludes the other". This removes any prior "inclusion" ("person" in this case) to mean the latter description ("corporation").

The legal meaning of "includes" therefore means the word "means" or "is" and so "person" becomes "corporation".

This is the reason when drafting legal documents that when it's required to include numerous items, the wording "including, but not limited to" is used.

The 1611 version of the King James Bible tells us in roughly a dozen places to "Not have respect of persons" and words to that effect. Later versions have changed "person" to "narcissism". I wonder why.

Courts can't ignore that.