Friday, December 22, 2017

Is cell phone radiation dangerous?

Let's take a look at an Australian Government initiative where the government mandated that cigarette packaging be labelled with health warnings as illustrated below;

MANY people should be aware that it is not about the government caring about the individual's health with regards to cigarettes, but rather the litigious aspect of the matter.

The individual (or class action) would have less of a case if / when there are health warning signs stating that the product causes cancer irrespective of the scientific evidence, where the ol' "told you so" law kicks in.

According to California's Department of Public Health, a document was issued regarding the use of mobile phones.

This document arose because of a University of Berkeley professor's lawsuit.

Professor Joel Moskowitz's lawsuit (which he won in 2016) claimed that the Department of Public Health was severely underestimating the dangers regarding cell phone emissions.

See document from the link; Document Library/Cell-Phone-Guidance.pdf

in the preview below;

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