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Australia's dodgy laws 101 - White Australia policy

 Migrants pointing to a painted kangaroo on a train, Ludwigsburg. An inscription on the reverse reads: ‘painted picture of / kangaroo on our / train in Ludwigsburg / November 1948 / Alex Nypl / (Newman)’. Alex Nypl was a Czechoslovakian migrant who arrived in Melbourne on PROTEA, 23 December 1948. (Source: Australian National Maritime Museum Flickr photostream.)

This relentlessly dodgy machine called the Australian Government enacts many 'dodgy' laws.

As if that's not dodgy enough what the people in government do is enact some more dodgy laws while the peasants are distracted.

A recent example of the above is, while the plebs were celebrating Valentine's Day the MPs were celebrating the bank "bail in law" (called the Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution) Bill 2017) put into action on the 14th of February to help their brethren in the banking business.

Another well advertised example of late last year was the "gay marriage" law being put into circulation before the year's end, while no one in government advertised anything about the dodgy "National Security" laws which encompass a wide range changes across Acts.

As a result of federation, Australia as a country was able to create laws from the formation of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900, which took effect from the 1st of January 1901.

One of the first laws that was created was the "White Australia" policy which obtained the more politically correct legal name as the Immigration Restriction Act 1901 (see illustration below).

As a result of this Act the people in government screwed over an immigrant, Egon Kisch, where they arrested and incarcerated him to six months hard labour for allegedly failing a dictation test in Scottish Gaelic. Kisch an intelligent man spoke multiple European languages.

In his mater the High Court of Australia ruled that Scottish Gaelic was not a "European language", where his conviction was overturned.

In the end the authorities got their way where Kisch left 'voluntarily'.

So, why could the "White Australia" policy enacted during Christmas time (technically on the 23rd of December 1901), while the plebs are distracted be a 'dodgy' law?

It's not being very 'equal opportunity' to the people of many other colours in allowing them to show the people in government that they too are quiet, subservient, docile slaves.

Probably even better slaves than the white ones born here?

Maybe intelligent imports could be a danger to the people in government as they could see through all the smoke and mirrors and deception by the people in government and do something about it or even open the eyes of the herd population?

Maybe trailer park trash imports will be more accepting in voting in the Labor Party to push through the republic agenda?

After all the 'good' government let them in, so they cannot be against the people in government, irrespective of how much they oppress 'Australians'.

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