13 July 2018

Plastic bag 'ban' by Coles and Woolies is collusion?

Let's put aside the distractions of; 'better for the environment'.

Let's put aside that now you must officially purchase plastic bags.

Let's put aside that MANY people used these bags for their domestic bins, where now they must purchase 'bin' bags, another WIN for the supermarket duopoly.
(Garbage bag sales were too slow ???)

Let's put aside the distractions that other states in Australia or other countries have done away with these pesky plastic bags.

We can focus on the financial cost savings to both Coles and Woolworths (in Victoria, Australia) for not providing the bags to customers, which in any event the price was incorporated in the products,

where the real focus could be on a lesser known consumer law called collusion.

It (the action of 'collusion') is against Australian consumer law.

SSssssshhhh DON'T tell the ACCC - they're VERY busy.

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Unknown said...

Yep, the dickheads at Coles and Woolworths - with their third-world employment practices and all their other SHIT - won't provide plastic shopping bags for 'the sake of the environment', but they will sell you plastic bags (at 80c each) if you haven't brought (bought) your own. What a heap of shit... typical of those greedy pieces of shit.