20 February 2019

Country Court of Victoria, abuse of process, vexatious litigation?

Is this is an example of something what is called an 'abuse of process'?

A person by the name of Blair Cottrell allegedly wrote on social media:

"Multiculturalism is no failure, since it's purpose from the beginning was to turn great nations into rabble of goyim, I would say it's been a great success"

as seen below:

Since the Jewish people use the word goyim, why exclude them from the lawsuit?

Let's add Buddhists, Tao monks, Hindus and let's not forget those Christians (in parliament, apparently they're a big no no).

(Hindu deity Ganesha, a human body genetically modified to accept an elephant's head)

For the record, Victorian law has been scoured through to find this criminal act to "incite serious ridicule of Muslim people" and to surprise everyone no such criminal action could be found:

See documentary honest government ad on Australia being the Police State:

What is very important in this penal colony (to the authorities of course and not 'you' the serf) is that if a driver travels 2km/h over the prescribed velocity for a given stretch of road, then the registered owner of the vehicle is automatically guilty of a CRIMINAL offence, where that person must prove their innocence.

'Normally' in criminal law the burden of proof is on the prosecution.

Just a reminder from the Lawyer X exposé that court clerks, officials, registrars etc are under police orders.

STILL not convinced Australia is a Police State?

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