04 August 2019

Australia's 1.1million children living in poverty is a deliberate failure of government

Very briefly:

Currently on the Australian television air waves a message is sent out to the general population to commit to a business transaction to donate their cash to a charity because there are 1.1 million children in Australia living in poverty.

But we already gave at the 'office', in the form of taxes.

Is it the people's fault that the lawmakers or people in government did not distribute our cash to those in need?

Is it the people's fault that the people in government choose not to allocate enough tax payers cash into healthcare or infrastructure?

Australia's homeless is also the people's fault, right?

Maybe we should also donate (their corporate promissory notes, commonly referred to as cash) to the poor breeders in government who give themselves $200k+ salaries which they claim they cannot afford to live off, meanwhile stating that the 'dole' is enough to live off and they can do it.

It is our job to give to Australia's 1.1 million children in poverty and we did, but those in the 'Australian Government' allocated these funds to themselves, and created jobs for mates and family members (now now don't go running off with that last remark as the sole reason, for it was just an example).

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