19 March 2020

China’s brilliant war tactic without firing one single shot?

WARNING: Conspiracy theory ahead:
Every warmongering emperor is aware that one of the better war tactics to use on their enemy is to cut the supply lines to the ‘castle’.

War on the West/Rest

In this wonderfully duopolised world, you know; labor  (allegedly) v liberal, democrats (allegedly) v republicans,  Apple (allegedly) v Android, north and south and last but not least east v west where in the case of China it’s east v the rest.

There are plenty of nations whose governments fall under the dodgy label and the CEO of over a billion slaves is part of the above label, where there is (deliberately?) no action from Team America World Police to ‘liberate the shit outta’ the slaves, as it’s beneficial for all governments concerned.

Apple just loves those Chinese slaves working for a 'bowl of rice per week' that produce the iPhone.

Could this be a perfect action pulled off by China in response for action against it in this so called ‘war’ on its state run corporation (Huawei) that supplies tier one communications to a global market?

What better way to grind nations to a halt, via economic warfare with the introduction of a ‘virus’.

That'll teach those capitalistic swines.

China:1 Rest:0

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