01 March 2020

Government enacts law to capture real-time data

Centrelink, has caused many people harm, and even death in certain circumstances under an action dubbed robo-debt, where the name can allude to no ‘legal person’ taking responsibility for such action.

The reality is that the so called government was previously warned that this action is unlawful and should not be taken, but instead Centrelink still carried out this unlawful action against vulnerable people of dependence on government financial support.

In a ‘normally’ functioning country one would think that after a federal court stating that this action is unlawful, the business would then refund the stolen cash from people.

Since Australia is not a country but factually (still) a colony, no unlawfully taken cash will be refunded to the serfs, but rather they must take a class action lawsuit to recover their costs, where we know that since lawyers (etc) do not work for ‘free’ it’s another win for [a part of] the system.

As a result of the Centrelink fraud, the government installed a new law, which people may think is for the benefit of those harmed, but instead it's another ‘win’ for the authorities in obtaining more data and controlling the movements of the general population, not just those on benefits.

"That means a person’s income data from the Australian Taxation Office will be automatically uploaded to the government system so bureaucrats can double-check figures."

With every new law enacted, your rights, privileges, benefits and services are being eroded.

Will you ever wake up and do something about it?

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