11 April 2020

Apple’s ‘new’ iPhone feature is old news for other manufacturers

The smartphone industry is quite lacklustre with alleged technological advancements, are realistically introduced to consumer level products in dribs and drabs, i.e. at a very slow rate.

Apple is one of the corporations that has a genius marketing department, where these lacklustre products are sold to consumers at way too high prices, for what you are getting compared to other manufacturers.

Ripping off customers for their products is Apple’s specialty, but what worse is that ‘consumers’ are quite willing to be ripped off, for example a one meter lightning cable from Apple in Australia is ~$30.

Now Apple being behind the eight ball, is currently wowing everyone with their new feature, a feature that has been around on Android powered smartphones, e.g. Samsung Huawei, etc for at least 5 years, that being the ability to open your car (and start it) without a key or keyfob, with only your smartphone.

Please not that Apple has been suppressing technology to the consumers ever since the release of the original iPhone smartphone.

See video with Samsung/Audi combination from 2015 at:

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