11 May 2020

"Land of the Free" not so free, Phone OS choice

In ‘pop culture’ this propaganda phrase it used a lot where realistically there should be a lawsuit for ‘false advertising’ but then again motion pictures and TV series are not ‘reality’.

Irrespective of who coined the phrase or where it was deliberately put in to brainwash the commoners, its initial meaning where “men are free here to do whatever they wish” is absolute bollocks.

So, let us get out of the 1800’s and into the 2010’s and beyond, in the United States and see how “men are free here to do whatever they wish” with regards to their smartphone.

With regards to the governance of this one world, countries and its people are put into categories classified as inanimate objects without a soul called ‘markets’.

Smartphone manufacturers can produce a product with different internals for different markets according to the government guidelines of that market.

So, the government of the United States is telling its war funding slaves that they are not “free” to choose whatever operating system they want on their phone, but rather must stick to whatever the factory installation which could include ‘nasty’ software that is detrimental to one’s privacy or security of the contents of that device, where that software is proprietary and there is no way a user can check the code to check for any harmful activity.

Consumers have been deliberately given a duopoly to choose from when it comes to smartphone operating systems from the ‘factory’, that being Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Apple have locked their hardware to its iOS operating system, where a ‘jailbreak’ only opens up the operating system to custom programs (apps).

Some Android preloaded smartphone users are ‘lucky’ (no luck there really as it’s ‘market’ dependent) enough to be able to run less data sieving versions of Android, where Google’s ‘services’ are kept to a minimum, where this procedure is called unlocking.

Another technical term used in the Android community is called rooting (the phone), which no doubt raises a chuckle from Australians as this is a colloquial term for sexual intercourse.

So, in reality you do not need to root (both in the Android and Aussie context) your phone, for a more secure and open source version of Android.

Samsung is another large phone manufacturer that exports phones to the U.S. and without going into technical details, as this is not the purpose of this post, it exports a specially designed phone which cannot be unlocked to accept another version of Android.

So, man cannot be ‘free’ do install whatever OS he wants in the land of the ‘free’.

NOT very ‘free’ is it?

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:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Come on people, instead of complaining about something so trivial...remember Newtons Law......"To Every Action There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction".
Enter Librem 5 with PURE OS, or Ubuntu, or?
The ONLY smartphone in the world with YOUR choice of operating system, based upon Linux....meaning YOU own the phone, No Contract, No Fees and NO HACKERS!
YOU must contract with whosoever is your service provider to make calls, BUT, the SP cannot interfere with, or enter your phone under ANY circumstances.
Once you purchase the phone/PC...it's YOURS...FREE & CLEAR!
Problem solved.