23 May 2020

news.com.au App - Do NOT download it!

Currently Australian television airwaves are littered with messages urging people to conduct an action in business/trade/commerce with the Rupert Murdoch media empire.

The empire needs you to purchase their app for viewing their content online.

There is ZERO benefit for you the user (or rather product/data generator) to purchase their app, but PLENTY of benefit to Mr. Murdoch's empire, enriching him further from the fruits of your labour data.

You should be aware that you can view the empire's 'content' on your smartphone (or other internet connected device) WITHOUT purchasing their app, by simply using a web browsing app.

A better solution that would protect your privacy a bit more would be using a privacy centric browser with a VPN where the exit node would be a country other than Australia.

So, why do they need you to purchase their app?

Well, this video should give you a bit of background as to why:

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=673nJQEkhe0

Currently at the time of this writing, a browser stops the following trackers:

When the app is used, this content along with other PERSONALLY identifiable information will be available to Mr. Murdoch's business, which he will not even thank you personally for.

Now that's nasty.

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